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Jewish Brunch Buffet with Nina Shapilsky & Arkady Tulchinsky

Free Times Café (320 College Street)
Nina Shapilsky (piano), Arkady Tulchinsky (voice/guitar)

Live music as part of the "Bella did you eat" Sunday brunch.
1st seating - Reserve between 10:30 – 11am, music at 11:45
2nd seating - Reserve at 1:15pm Club (1:00 Bistro), music at 1:45

Buffet includes over 50 Homemade Items - Potato latkes, blintzes, lox eggs & onions, challah, french toast, sour cream, apple sauce, bagels, lox & cream cheese mix, salmon patties, gelfilte fish, cheese, salads galore, fresh fruit, cheeses, cakes, sweets, tea, coffee and much more! Children 12 and under 1/2 price, 3 and under free.

Nina Shapilsky
Nina Shapilsky is an award-winning concert pianist and composer. A talented and versatile musician and composer with improvisations from classical through folk to pop and jazz.


Monk's Music

The Emmet Ray (924 College Street)

Anne Lam, Wes Fowler, Aaron De Sousa, Naranie

Free Times Café (320 College Street)
Anne Lam (voice/guitar), Wes Fowler (voice/guitar), Aaron De Sousa (voice/guitar), Naranie (voice/guitar)

Aaron De Sousa
Aaron De Sousa is a singer/songwriter with versatile repertoire of original music ranging from pop, rock & R&B. Born and raised in Toronto. Aaron has played various venues in the GTA including The Central, The Hot Box, The Rockpile and Toronto Pride! Check out Aaron's music! Share, like, and comment!!

Wes Fowler
Wes Fowler is a Toronto based Singer/Songwriter with influences ranging from hip hop to folk. He creates a rhythmically driven acoustic sound that evokes emotion and compels listeners to tap along to the beat.

Nigerian born and raised singer-songwriter based in Toronto, with a voice that might remind you of singers like Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Duffy, and Macy Gray. She keeps her music fluid by bridging sounds that create a sense of nostalgia and newness.

Anne Lam
Anne is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter, pianist, and YouTuber with pop and indie influences. She is a very versatile vocalist, as she has experience with singing classical music, opera, pop music, and musical theatre. Her passion for music is transparent with every song she plays.

Tickets | Facebook Event | More About Aaron De Sousa | More About Wes Fowler | More About Naranie

Somewhere There Presents: Jay Hay with Andrew Furlong & Dan Gooch

The Emmet Ray (924 College Street)
Jay Hay (saxophone/clarinet), Andrew Furlong (bass), Dan Gooch (trumpet)

Music of Jimmy Giuffre

Andrew Furlong
Andrew Furlong has been playing composed and improvised music on the bass since 2008, first in Edmonton, and then in Toronto since 2012. For two years he played in Edmonton's Catgut, navigating two cross-Canada tours and a release on Old Ugly Records. In Toronto, his compositions and unique extended technique-laden improvisations can be heard in the misfit jazz band My Misshapen Ear with Anthony Argatoff and Joe Sorbara, and in his own solo double bass project. Andrew can also be seen and heard in Swamp People: the music of Jimmy Guiffre with vibraphonist Michael Davidson, Laura Swankey's adventurous chamber jazz Quintet, and Patrick O'Reilly's ethereal band Chalk Repairer as well as in ad-hoc improvised settings with Toronto luminaries like Colin Fisher and Christine Duncan. Doit, his duo with Montreal trumpeter Emily Denison will be releasing its first album in the fall of 2018.

Dan Gooch
Trumpet player Dan Gooch always found it a shame that he couldn't sing when he played his instrument. Now singer-songwriter Dan Gooch has a hard time deciding what to play while he sings. Sometimes he still wishes it was the trumpet.

His debut album Your Roots Still Run Deep (independently released, 2013) presents a solution to this dilemma. With some studio magic, Dan can play lots of instruments (including brass) and sing at the same time. The album features a mix of indie folk ballads and barn burners with a prominently featured brass quartet. The result is music that one could describe as Brass Roots.

Dan Gooch studied Jazz trumpet at the University of Toronto. Since then he has honed his multi-instrumentalist skills and diversified his genres. Dan has played trumpet and keyboards with many songwriters and bands in the Toronto area including Emily Jill West, Mike Butlin, The Minotaurs, Two Roads Home, Cedar Strippers and various jazz groups. Dan is also a music educator who teaches in the public school system and out of his home studio in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood. In 2011, Dan took to writing his own songs and singing them.

Somewhere There
Somewhere There is a collective of Toronto-based musicians who present, support, and celebrate creative music-making.

More About Jay Hay | More About Dan Gooch

Monday, January 21st

Monday, January 21st


Ted Crosby Trio (Montreal)

The Emmet Ray (924 College Street)
Ted Crosby (saxophone)
More About Ted Crosby

D'Arcy Wickham hosts Open Stage Mondays

Free Times Café (320 College Street)
D'Arcy Wickham (voice/guitar)

Signup at 7pm.

Every Monday, all artists are welcomed to sign up and share their songs, poetry, prose or comedy act on Toronto's longest-running open stage; local artists, or those visiting Toronto are encouraged to attend. Here are some of the artists who started their careers at the Free Times open stage: Jason Fowler, Jory Nash, Kat Goldman, Ron Sexsmith, Emm Gryner, Laura Fernandez, Sarah Slean, Noah Zacharin, The Lemon Bucket Orkestra.

D'Arcy Wickham
D'Arcy Wickham is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose proficient finger-picked acoustic guitar style has been recognized as one of the best in the country. His deep musical roots have led him to work as a guitar instructor for over three decades, but it wasn't until 2000 that he'd release "Dust and Loneliness," his first solo recording. That track, as well as subsequent contributions to his catalog, illustrated Wickham's impressive knowledge of the inner-workings of folk and blues history that has made him a popular figure amongst Canadian music listeners who favor traditional genres and straight-forward songwriting. Wickham has earned an impressive amount of accolades and awards throughout Canada to complement his illustrious career.

More About D'Arcy Wickham

Chris Banks/Tania Gill/Jesse Baird

The Emmet Ray (924 College Street)
Chris Banks (bass), Tania Gill (piano), Jesse Baird (keyboard)

Tania Gill
Tania Gill is primarily a pianist, living in Toronto. She also composes, sometimes sings and has an interest in melodica, accordian, other keyboards, trumpet and percussion. For the past 15 years she has worked in jazz and improvised music, composed and new music, roots and folk based music and world music in various ensembles and with singers and songwriters.

She has recorded and performed as a regular member of Deep Dark United, The Flying Bulgars, Andrew Downing's Melodeon, Charles Spearin and the Happiness Project, Saint Dirt Elementary School, Blah Blah 666, Doug Tielli and Tania Gill, See Through Trio, ZebraDonk, Runcible Spoon and The Woodshed Orchestra as well as her own groups The Mighty Gill Show and the Tania Gill Quartet and Quintet. She has performed with many others including Mary Margaret OHara, Anthony Braxton, Justin Haynes, Brodie West, Dave Clark, Ronda Rindone, Eve Egoyan, Victor Bateman, John Millard, Tena Palmer, Leah State, Jean Derome, Phil Dwyer, Chris Gale, Alexis Baro, and Dione Taylor.

Facebook Event | More About Tania Gill | More About Chris Banks

Wednesday, January 23rd

Wednesday, January 23rd


Peter Boyd & Noah Zacharin

The Emmet Ray (924 College Street)
Peter Boyd (guitar/voice), Noah Zacharin (guitar/voice)

Peter Boyd
Peter Boyd has been a songwriter for over thirty years. Drawing on gospel and blues from Chicago all the way back to the Delta and re-invented upside-down-and-backwards, Peter's songs are a sepia-tinged glimpse into his messy, not-fully-developed soul where faith has as much a chance as folly to send you careening into the abyss.

Peter's new CD 'Beulahland' is garnering great reviews, most recently a rave from Greg Quill in the Toronto Star - "stunning and powerful blues-rooted original songs and astonishing guitar wizardry. Among the best of the year's roots/blues crop."

Noah Zacharin
Noah Zacharin was born in Montreal and resides in Toronto. He was given his first guitar at age 9, wrote his first song at 13, began performing at 14, and is happy to say that he still loves playing music. He has been called "a wonderful songwriter and performer, and stunning guitarist" (Paul Mills, Borealis Records, Producer (Stan Rogers, Oscar Peterson), a "wonderful, adventurous guitarist" (Blues Bytes), "a poet, a songwriter, a singer we have been waiting for" (Penny Lang), "a great guitarist/singer/songwriter...a wonderfully musical player" (Randy Finney, President and Founder Toronto Fingerstyle Guitarist's Association), "in a league of his own" (Brian Gladstone, AD Winterfolk Festival), "one of the best songwriters this country has produced" (the late great Rick Fielding, recording artist, radio host) and "deserving to be mentioned in the same breath with names such as James Taylor and David Wilcox" (Minor 7th).

Zacharin's recordings have garnered praise from fans and critics alike. silence spoken here (1997) was called "an understated classic...musical versatility and lyrical depth" (Xpress-Ottawa); Scene Roots and Blues dubbed aLIVE! (2000) "a real gem"; and a review of crow dark wind (2001) in Minor 7th elicited the following: "like Bruce Cockburn, Ry Cooder, and Bonnie Raitt, Noah Zacharin possesses a virtuoso command of the songwriting."

More About Peter Boyd | More About Noah Zacharin

Thursday, January 24th

Thursday, January 24th


Franc'open mic

Free Times Café (320 College Street)

Franc'open mic est la première scène ouverte francophone de Toronto, ouverte à toutes les disciplines: le chant, la comédie, la poésie, l'impro, le conte ou encore le slam.

Ouvert à tous niveaux, depuis les débutants jusqu'aux professionnels.



REGLE: Chaque artiste/groupe peut jouer 2 morceaux OU 10 min.

- 2 micros
- 1 système de sonorisation pour brancher tous types d'instruments (guitare, clavier, violon, mp3, etc...)
- 1 piano électrique.
- Il n'y a PAS de guitare disponible!

Organisé par Cyril Mignotet et Florian François.
Franc'open mic is the first francophone open stage in Toronto for all the performing arts like singing, comedy, stand up, poetry, impro, tales or the spoken word.

The event is open from beginners to professional artists.

SIGN UP STARTS at 7:30pm


RULES: Artists get 2 songs OR 10min.

- 2 mics
- 1 PA System to plug any instruments (violin, guitar, keyboard, mp3, etc)
- 1 keyboard
- NO guitar available

Hosted by Cyril Mignotet and Florian François

Franc'open mic
Franc'Open Mic est la première scène ouverte francophone de Toronto. L'événement est ouvert à tous types de disciplines comme la poésie, la musique, le slam, l'impro ou encore la comédie ou le conte.


Franc'Open Mic is the first francophone open stage in Toronto. The show is open for everyone from beginners to experienced artists who want to perform in French. All performance arts like poetry, spoken word, music, comedy, stand up or improv are welcome!

More Info

Friday, January 25th

Friday, January 25th


Alex Tomowich Quartet

The Emmet Ray (924 College Street)
Michael Morabito (saxophone), Victor Agrippa (EWI), William Fachin (drums), Alex Tomowich (piano)

Alex Tomowich
Alex Tomowich is a passionate, up-and-coming jazz pianist who's been playing piano since 2004. He graduated from the Applied Music program at Mohawk College as an honorary student where he studied Jazz piano from some of the best musicians in Canada, such as Adrean Farrugia, Robert Fekete, Pat Collins, Darcy Hepner, Bob Shields, and Kevin Dempsey. After Mohawk, Alex went on to study music at Humber College where he played with the top ensembles and had the privilege of studying with Kirk MacDonald, Brian Dickinson, Mike Downes, and Robi Botos.

Facebook Event

Robbie Burns Nite

Free Times Café (320 College Street)
Rory Sinclair (bagpipes)

Rory Sinclair leads the pack with 2 bagpipes, a drummer, & dancing.

Free haggis, taters, and nips!

Reservations with dinner 7-8:30."

More About Rory Sinclair

Robbie Burns Night with Andrew Sharp

The Emmet Ray (924 College Street)
Andrew Sharp (voice/guitar)
Facebook Event

Saturday, January 26th

Saturday, January 26th


Dr. B's Acoustic Medicine Show

Free Times Café (320 College Street)
Brian Gladstone (voice/guitar)

Join us for an intimate afternoon of great acoustic music, every Saturday.

We want to create a place for artists, friends, and fans to hang out.

Players Wanted Sign Up starts at 1:00

Come Out to Hear The Great Music

Come out to Meet Your Friends

Come Out to Play Some Tunes

The Room: It's a good listening room filled with creative energy to enjoy some great music, and a place for artists to come out to meet their friends.

Who Can Sign Up to Play: All artists welcomed. Come in and put your name on the sign-up sheet to reserve your spot.

Brian Gladstone
Brian Gladstone has been involved in the Canadian roots music scene for almost thirty-five years as an artist, producer, festival director, and activist – thus brings experience and expertise from all sides of the stage. Growing up during the late 60's roots revival helped to shape his morals and perspective on life.

More Info | More About Brian Gladstone

Chelsea McBride Group

The Emmet Ray (924 College Street)
David Riddel (guitar), Hayden Farrar (bass), Chelsea McBride (saxophone)

Chelsea McBride
Chelsea McBride is a Toronto-based, Vancouver-born and raised multi-instrumentalist and composer who has been playing and composing since she could talk and reach the piano keys. Her large ensemble compositions & arrangements have been featured at the regional and national level, including with Vancouver's Dal Richards Orchestra and various ensembles at Humber College, where she currently studies.

Facebook Event | More About Chelsea McBride

Max Woolaver 66th Birthday Concert

Free Times Café (320 College Street)
Max Woolaver (voice/guitar)

Max Woolaver
Born in the Maritimes, Max began his career in England and after a return to the Maritimes, now makes the Toronto area his home. Max has been featured on all the major roots radio stations in Toronto, including CBC Toronto & Ottawa . You can find Max at his monthly gig at the Free Times Cafe or at the Moonshine Cafe in Oakville .  He has also performed at The Winterfolk Festival, the Tranzac , The Music Gallery , as part of the Wavelength series and at the Cameron House .
Max is a recipient of a FACTOR New Talent award. His 6th album of original songs, Nazca Hummingbird, will be released in June 2013.

More About Max Woolaver

Andy Sharp Group

The Emmet Ray (924 College Street)
Andrew Sharp (voice/guitar)